All aboard the good ship, Shamrock

Thursday 28 September 2017

Our topic of ‘Explorers’ has well and truly kicked off. Our good ship, Shamrock, will be travelling the world and exploring many varied and exotic locations.

However, we first had to learn to navigate in order to sail the seven seas. So, we’ve looked at world geography and where the continents and oceans are. Our navigator training will be continuing over the next few weeks with work on grid references and co-ordinates. As well as this, we’ll be recruiting new members of the crew along the way. Let’s hope we don’t get shipwrecked though!

This week we visited Patagonia, in South America – breathtaking and beautiful place full of mountains and glaciers. We all loved it so much we wrote a postcard home.

In coming weeks, we’ll journey to a fantasy world of knights, kings and samurai warriors when we study a series of books by Aaron Becker, known as the ‘Journey’ series.