A snap-happy visitor

Monday 30 October 2017

Just before the holidays, as part of our ‘Explorers’ topic, we had a very special visit from Dr David Ian Higgins, who has a serious passion for wildlife and wilderness and is a perfect example of a 21st century explorer.

David is a world class photographer and brought in some examples of his excellent photography work. However, the children were even more amazed by his camera equipment that he uses to capture such wonderful images.

Emily, described the visit: “My most favourite part was the pictures and story about the lion traffic jam because I thought it was funny that a lion was blocking the road. I was amazed how he went swimming with a whale shark and surprised how they have tiny teeth and couldn’t swallow us”.

Alfie said, “Dr Higgins made me want to swim with whale sharks and see the dolphins with phosphorescence.

Rodi added,“He inspired me to be a photographer when I grow up and travel around the world to see unusual creatures.”

We still have a few weeks remaining on our topic. Who knows where our ship could end up next.