Marvellous Maths facts – apology!

Sunday 18 March 2018

A news post earlier today referred to Moortown Primary, one of our Sphere sister schools, rather than St James’ CE Primary. The actual data was correct for St James’, but we were too quick to copy and paste from a similar news story on the Moortown site and then hit ‘publish’ without properly checking… Sorry!

Here’s the post again, in case you missed it:

At St James’ CE Primary, we want to be a happy and healthy place to learn. That includes making sure our younger children, in Year 1 and Year 2, know the key number facts that will help to secure fluency in Maths now and in the future – facts like 3+4=?, 2+?=10 and 17+?=20.

Our Addition Facts guide provides a guide to what addition facts we expect pupils in Year 1 and Year 2 to know (the table might look confusing – please ask us if you’re unsure).

In a recent assessment, we can see some great progress made by our children in securing these facts.

For our Year 1 children in the Autumn term, the average score was just 5 out of 20. This is because the aim is for children to be secure by the end of Key Stage 1 – that’s the end of Year 2. That average score has increased to 10.2, with twice as many children getting correct 15 or more questions out of 20.

Our Year 2 children continue this progress. The average score is now 17 out of 20 and 82% of children are now achieving 15+ out of 20.

Well done, everyone! And thank you for supporting your child at home.