23 March 2018

Friday 23 March 2018

This week’s spelling homework is a spelling task. It’s due in on Thursday 29 March.

Year 1

Have a look at the picture below. Sound out the words in the checklist and find them in the picture. (Bonus: add the sound buttons to your checklist words e.g. dog, broom, smile)

Year 2

Cross out the words that are wrong in the sentences below.

  1. I hang my coat/cote on a peg.
  2. We have to cleer/clear up before play.
  3. We learn/lurn how to reed/read at school.
  4. We lyk/like to look at buks/books.
  5. Playtime is goud/good fun.

In the paragraph below, there are lots of words that are spelt wrong. Find them and correct them. Use a dictionary if you need to.

At the weekend, I wet shopping with my Mum. We went on the bus to toun and we went to lots of shoppes. Afta that, we went to Mcdonalds for our tea. I had a burger and sum chips. Then we went home. I wanted to wotsh T.V. but my Mum maid me go to bed. I sed it’s not fair. On Sunday, we went out for lunsh to The Vine. It wos my Mum’s birthday. I gave my Mum a card with flours on. She wos pleased.