Pics, Mix and Three Little Chicks!

Saturday 24 March 2018

This week, Foundation learnt and re-told the tale of The Little Red Hen.

Linked to the story, we’ve been baking bread- just like our main character! The children had a go at measuring and adding the ingredients, mixing them together and kneading the dough. We hope you enjoyed them 🙂

On Friday, Foundation had a fun afternoon- a Spanish lesson with Miss Castro and a sports session with Five Star, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Can your child tell you some of the new Spanish words and phrases they have learnt?

The most exciting part of our week by far has been the arrival of our new fluffy friends. Our chicks began hatching on Wednesday and by Thursday we had welcomed three new lives into the world. The children have named them Rosie, Anna and Peter. On Friday they each had a turn to hold a chick. The chicks have bought some fantastic learning opportunities: discussions on the life cycle of a chicken, growth and how to care for living things. F2 children have been writing name ideas for the chicks and describing them. Most importantly, the children have gained so much pleasure and joy from observing the chicks, it has been wonderful to watch their faces light up when they see them. Take a look at our video of pictures which really captures how the children feel about the experience.

You may have noticed that there has not been a second reading book change this week for F2. Due to the many lovely events taking place throughout this busy week, we have practised our rocket words and letter sounds as an alternative and will change all reading books on Monday.