The Royal Wedding

Saturday 19 May 2018

What a beautiful day for a royal wedding!

On Thursday, Foundation enjoyed celebrating the occasion by creating crowns, flags and wedding invitations. We had some beautiful brides and grooms at the dressing-up area! We also had a special snack time with napkins and jam scones.

The celebration opened up some lovely discussions about weddings and their traditions, our flags and the royal family. We took a look at the map to see how far Meghan and her family will travel from America to England.

What can your child tell you about today’s royal wedding?

If you’re going to any special events or taking part in any street parties to celebrate the wedding today, we’d love to see your photos so please do bring them in.

You can also email any photos and learning from home at any time! Send to:

Have a lovely, sunny weekend Foundation! 🙂