Living and Learning: I tell the truth and say sorry if I need to.

Thursday 28 June 2018
Today, we read the story “Tiddler”.  Tiddler the fish makes up stories about why he is late for school, every day. No-one ever believes these stories. One day,  Tiddler is VERY late for school because he has been captured in a fishing net and got lost. Nobody believes his reason for being late to school.
We talked about how if you tell lies nobody will believe you when you tell the truth.
Lilly : “It’s like the boy who cried wolf”.
We also spoke about when we might need to say sorry.
Evie – “If I tell a lie”.
Everybody makes mistakes that might affect or hurt somebody else and it is best to tell the truth and say sorry.
Fleur  – “I’d say I did it … I’d say sorry.”
Jemima – “It’s best if you tell the truth and say sorry”