Living and Learning: I cope with change

Thursday 12 July 2018
In today’s living and learning session, we talked about changes that have happened to us in the last year or changes that we are expecting to happen. We talked about how some of these might be positive or more challenging and the different strategies we have to cope with these changes.
Here are some of the changes that the children are facing and how they are feeling.
“Hannah is going to have a baby, it’s going to be a girl and we’re going to have an extension at daddy’s house. This is an exciting change”
“This year I’ll be 7 and I’ll be going to Brownies.  I feel nervous but it is an exciting change.”
“I didn’t use to fight with my sister but now we fight a lot. This is a bad change that I want to fix.”
“I have a baby sister now. I feel happy.”
“I’m going to play football in September. I’m nervous but I feel good about it.”
“It’s an exciting one. I’ve got a new room. I’ve got a new bed and it’s a big one.”
 “I’ve got my own bedroom now and it’s in a new house.”