Living and Learning: I can reflect and look ahead.

Thursday 19 July 2018
This week, our living and learning statement is “I can reflect and look ahead”. We talked about what things had gone well this year and what we would like to improve next year.
Here are a few of our comments and ideas:
Nicholas: “Reading has gone well for me this year. Next year, I will try to read a chapter book.”
Jack: “This year I have found it difficult to count in 2’s. Next year, I will get better at counting in 2’s”.
Jacob: “I have got better at maths this year and have answered a lot of maths questions. Next year, I will try to get better at handwriting”.
Joe: “I’ve improved my English – sometimes I can write lots of lines. Next year, I will make my learning better by listening to Mr Mills and Mrs Richardson.”
Noah: “I didn’t always bring my homework in this year. I will bring it in all the time next year.”
Ellie: “I have got better at writing this year. It was rubbish but it’s better now. I will keep trying in year 2.”
Willow: “At the start of year 1, my writing was not on the line and now it is. Next year, I will keep practising my joined up writing and get it as good as the teacher”.
Mikey: “One time, I didn’t get warnings. Next year, I am going to try harder not to get warnings by not being mean to people.”
Brooklyn: “This year, I have too many warnings. Next year, I will be good and be kind to each other.”