Fabulous Foundation!

Saturday 08 September 2018

This week we’ve welcomed back our returners moving from F1 into F2 and made some new friends! We’ve made a fabulous start to the year with happy faces, smart uniforms and busy learning. Our little learners jumped straight back into their favourite activities, as well as exploring the new areas we have on offer this year.

The story shed has been a new addition to our outside area; a cosy new space to read books and magazines, tell stories and make-marks.

We also have a new water station next to our mud kitchen, to make all sorts of wonderful potions and mixtures, which has been very popular during our first few sessions.

It makes us so proud to see how settled and content the children are in the classroom, both returners and new pupils.

Please remember that although your children have settled well, we welcome you into the classroom each morning to share some learning with your child and explore the activities on offer in the classroom. This year we have some new additions in the classroom, just for you parents and carers;

Join your child at the ‘Learn with me’ activity in the classroom- a teacher-free zone! A new activity will be placed here each week, for you to complete alongside your child. Our ‘Parents as partners’ board in the classroom is for you to share great examples of learning at home. You can also email us photos and descriptions of your child’s learning at home. Please send these to:


This half term we’ll be theming our learning around ‘Becoming a story-teller’, using traditional tales as a basis for learning across the classroom. As always, we will also use the children’s interests and ideas to tailor our activities.

We look forward to sharing this year of learning with you.