Making Moves!

Saturday 15 September 2018

Here in Foundation, one of the prime areas of learning is physical development. 

The learning in this area focuses on a child’s independence with regards to their own health and safety and has important links to other areas of learning. Here are just a few  of the lovely examples from this week of how physical development is supported and enjoyed in our classroom and outdoor area:

Listening to music, playing instruments and dancing in the Movement Play area. Strengthens muscles and develops balance and co-ordination. Has links to Expressive Arts.
Using fine motor skills to pick up small loose-parts, when creating a transient art picture. Strengthens finger muscles. Has links to Expressive Arts and having our own ideas.
Practising a range of ball games to strengthen muscles and develop co-ordination and agility.
Climbing and jumping from the half-tyre. Strengthens muscles and develops co-ordination. Has links to perseverance and managing safe risks.


In the classroom we have our fiddly fingers, malleable (dough table) and mark-making spaces. These all focus on using small movements that strengthen the muscles of the wrists, hands and fingers.

Well done, Foundation- another busy week with great examples of independent learning.