Reflection Time; Friendship

Sunday 23 September 2018

Friday afternoons are a special time in Foundation. Although we reflect on our values and share our thoughts throughout the school week, we set aside a quiet time on a Friday afternoon to have circle time in our school Reflection Area. Recently, we’ve been thinking about Friendship. 

We ensure that we are respecting our friends as they talk by using our talking hedgehog. We take turns: the person holding the hedgehog is the speaker and we listen as they share their thoughts and ideas.

We’ve thought about what it is to be a good friend and reflected on the qualities our friends have. We have spoken about why our friends are special to us. During reflection time, we have made dough representations of our friends and  in the classroom we have created a display of our friends through paper doll portraits.

Fostering friendships is so vital at school. Friendships can boost confidence, help children feel safe and secure and even support learning through co-operative play. It has been wonderful to see continued and new friendships blossoming during these first few weeks at school – friendships that will enhance the children’s enjoyment of their time at school this year and in the years to come.