Living and Learning: I am resourceful and I am resilient.

Wednesday 26 September 2018

In our Living and Learning session, we talked about being resourceful and resilient.

Willow told us it would be resourceful to use a dictionary or to search for the word on the internet if you were reading and didn’t know what a word meant. Mikey said that if you needed a glue stick and didn’t have one you could use sticky tape or double-sided tape. Ellie pointed out that if you didn’t have any pink paint you could mix red and white. Leah said that if you are reading and you can’t read a word you can use your phonics to help you.

We then thought about resilience. We talked about how you might feel if you were learning something new. Emilija said you might be anxious because you might not know what to do. Daisy said that if you can’t do something straight away, you need to think about it. Mikey told us that he struggled to learn to count to 100 but he kept practising and felt happy when he could do it. We listened to the saying:

“Try to keep going, try to keep smiling, even when things get bad.

Try to keep going, try to keep smiling, then you won’t feel so sad.”