Living and Learning: I use the 8 Rs to help me learn

Thursday 11 October 2018

In today’s living and learning session, we recapped the 8 Rs of learning. Here is what we could remember about our 8 Rs.

We talked about being ready to learn by showing that we are listening and we have eyes on the speaker so we can follow the instructions given.

We respond to feedback. We have stars and cool class tokens to show when we have made a good choice. This shows learning behaviour that we should try to do again. Warnings show that we have made bad choices and we should not make the same choices again. Next steps give us feedback on our learning and how we can improve.

Resillience  – If we struggle with something we can “try, try and try again” just like our Christian Value perseverance.

Being responsible for our learning. It is our own responsibility to make sure we are getting on with our learning and to make sure we are not distracted by others. We need to make sure we have our PE kit and reading book in school.

We reflect on our learning. We thought about what we have done well and what we could improve on.

We remember what we have learnt and using this to help in other contexts.

Taking a safe risk involves putting our hand up and trying to answer a question when we think we know the answer.

Being resourceful is knowing what to use to help us or who to ask.