Living and Learning: I understand with rights come responsibilities.

Friday 19 October 2018

This week, we expanded our understanding about the rights we have as children.
Building on from our previous discussions, we looked closely at the responsibility that comes with each right:

I have the right to an education so I have the responsibility to make the most of school and be ‘ready to learn’. – Harvey

Several of us mentioned having the right to ‘be myself’. We talked about how these protected characteristics make us who we are, and it is our responsibility not to judge or bully others for being themselves and the choices they make.

We considered how each right fits together with a responsibility, a bit like putting 2 pieces of a jigsaw together. We thought about how our behaviours towards others and the environment can affect everyone:

“I have the right to be warm but it’s my responsibility not to waste energy”. – Lukne
“I have the right to live in a clean environment so it’s my responsibility not to drop litter”. – Jessica