Living and Learning: I can show perseverance

Friday 09 November 2018

Our Christian value this half term is perseverance. This week it was the focus of our Living and Learning session. We looked closely at the words in this definition: ‘Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success’.

Everyone closed their eyes and said the first thing that came into their heads related to the word ‘persevere’:

“To try and try again.”– Jessica
“Challenge yourself, don’t give up”. – Lily
“Be resilient, like one of the 8 Rs.” – Hannah
“When I persevere towards a goal I feel happy because I know I’m challenging myself.”-Emily

I posed the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’, but was very astutely corrected by Oliver: “No, practice makes progress, not perfect.”

Finally we watched an animated clip about one animal’s perseverance to overcome all the obstacles in his way. He didn’t give up and remained focused on his goal.

We left the session with a small task for next week:

Think of an achievable goal or target you are going to work towards.

You’ll need to demonstrate how you showed perseverance to accomplish your target.

We’ve all got until Christmas to work on our chosen goal.