Living and Learning: I respect myself and others

Thursday 06 December 2018
In our Living and learning session, we talked about respecting ourselves and others.
Some of the things the children said about things we can do to respect others were:
Willow: ‘Listen to others.’
Jack: ‘If you wanted to show respect, you could be ready for learning at the right time.’
Brooklyn: ‘I was respectful when my friend fell over and I helped him.’
Mikey added that it would be disrespectful to laugh if somebody hurt themselves.
Ava: ‘If somebody’s talking you need to wait. You talk when they stop talking.’
Eliza: ‘If somebody needs help, help them.’ We discussed this and decided it would be disrespectful to laugh at somebody or make them feel bad about not being able to do something. We should be encouraging and offer them help if we can.
Ellie – ‘Say please and thank you.’
Mikey – ‘Telling the truth.’
We also talked about respecting ourselves by making healthy choices and looking after our bodies and by having good thoughts about ourselves and making good choices.