Living and Learning: I know love is important

Friday 11 January 2019
This weeks living and learning statement is “I know Love is important”.
We talked about this being about showing love to ourselves, others, God and the world.  We talked about showing love to others by doing things to help them and by putting them before ourselves.
We had a discussion about how we could do this. Here are some of our ideas:
Willow- If somebody went to the shop and there was only one pair of shoes and we both wanted them, I would let them have them.
Jack – If somebody wanted to go in the net at football, I would say you go in the net for the first half and I’ll go in the net for the second half.
Ellie- let somebody go on the slide first.
Brooklyn – If there was just one ice-cream, I would let someone else have it.
Harley – If someone was at my house and I only had one bike, I would let them take turns with me.
Eliza – If someone at home was poorly, you could help them do the chores.
Leah – If the grown-up is busy and you have a pet or a baby, you could feed them.