Living and Learning: I know Love is important.

Sunday 13 January 2019

We had a wonderful start to 2019 by discussing this weeks living and learning statement: “I know Love is important”.

We tried to define ‘love’ and created a mind map of all the words that came into our heads when we simply said ‘love’. We realised all the words we came up with were positive and then thought about how all the words we associate with hate are negative.
During circle time we shared how we show love to ourselves, other people, God and the world.
“I show love to my friends by always being there for them”. Erin
“I show I love to my family by caring for them and helping them”. Harvey
We talked about how important it is to not only show love but to feel love. This makes us feel valued and accepted, no matter what our beliefs.

The nicest comment of the day came from Hannah:
“Love is free. It doesn’t cost anything so it doesn’t matter if you are poor you can still show love”.