Living and Learning: I can make things better.

Sunday 20 January 2019

This weeks living and learning statement is ‘I can make things better’. We talked about the different things that this might mean.

Jack  suggested that, “We can try and help school be better by tidying up after ourselves”.

Brooklyn said that, “We can make school better by not throwing rubbish on the floor and by making good choices”.

Harley  thought that we could make other people feel better by asking if they are okay or asking them to play.

Dexter felt we could  make learning better by making good choices.

Leah said, “We can make arguments better by trying to calm them down”.

We discussed how to make things better when we  have had an argument or upset somebody.  Eliza said, “You can tell them you don’t want to fall out”.  Dexter said you could say sorry.  We then talked about how you have to show that you are sorry as well as saying that you are sorry. This might be by doing something nice for that person or as Harley suggested – “Not doing it again”.