Snack-time learning!

Wednesday 23 January 2019

In Foundation, we like to make sure our day is full of fun learning at every opportunity. This includes tidy-up times and snack times.

At snack time we often have a maths link. We take part in counting activities to see how many pieces of fruit have been handed out, work out which snack was most popular and what the difference is between them.

After visiting another school last week and ‘magpieing’ this fab idea, we had a go at writing Rocket Words on our banana skins for our friends to guess. The children loved ‘having a go’ at writing on such an unusual material and showing their friends what they know! A quick 2 minute activity that used both our reading and our writing skills 🙂


Parent Reminder

Please join us in the classroom tomorrow, for our Marvellous Maths Stay and Play, 3.15-3.45pm.