25 January 2019

Saturday 26 January 2019

A reminder of the spelling activity grid.

1.    Spot the Word

Look to see if you can spot smaller words inside the spelling word eg; friend, vegetable.

2.    Speed Write

Choose some words from the spelling list. How many times can you write the same word in one minute?

3.    Rainbow Words

Break a word down into syllables and write each part in a different colour eg; im / poss / i / ble

4.    Mnemonic

Write a mnemonic to remember the spelling: the first letter of each word in the sentence spells the word eg; because: big elephants can’t always use small exits.

5.    Backwards Words

Write out the spelling word forwards and then backwards eg; communicate / etacinummoc

6.    Silly Sentences

Write silly sentences with a spelling word in each. Underline the spelling word.

7.    Connect the Dots

Write the spelling words using dots, then connect the dots by tracing over them with a coloured pencil.

8.    Spelling Tennis

Play with somebody at home and evidence it in your homework book.

One person starts with the first letter of the word; the other person says the next letter. The last person to add a letter, wins!

9.    Musical Words

Make up a little thyme, rap or song to remember words or rules for spellings eg; Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs F,F,I, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs L, T, Y- difficulty.