Staying Safe: Dog’s Trust

Wednesday 06 February 2019

This afternoon, a visit from the Dog’s Trust meant that we learned loads about how to stay safe around dogs.

We talked about what we should do if there was a dog we wanted to stroke. It’s important to always ask the owner permission to stroke their dog and to stroke the dog gently – we practised this with Peg the dog. Thankfully, Peg was only a cuddly toy – Mrs Valentine is super scared of dogs!

In addition, we were told what to do if a dog came up to us who was over-excited. We had to stand with our arms across our chest, looking up to the sky – this makes us really boring and the over excited dog will soon get bored of us!

Be sure to ask your child about how we can stay safe around dogs!

Lilly, Tia and Ralph showed superb listening skills during our talk with The Dog’s Trust – nice one!