Living and Learning: I can make safe choices.

Friday 08 February 2019
Our Living and Learning statement this week is about being safe. In our living and learning lesson we talked about strangers – most are nice but some are not.
We discussed how to identify ‘safer strangers’ so that children are able to make a safe choice about who to approach if they find themselves needing help.The class agreed that ‘safer strangers ‘wear a uniform and an identity badge. We looked at some examples; Police officers, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and shop assistants.
After looking at some pictures of safe situations and unsafe situations, the children sorted their pictures according to whether they thought the situation on the picture was safe or not.  Some of the things we looked at were safety in the kitchen, safety with plug sockets, safety in the playground and scissor safety. The children were very good at identifying which situations were safe.