Staying Safe: Wetherby Fire Station

Friday 08 February 2019

It was 2 pm on a regular Friday afternoon in Foundation, when what should we see slowly making its way past the school fence on Hallfield Lane but a big, red, shiny…. “Fire engine!” (shouted the children)

We were so excited to explore it! The children were able to climb into the cab and look at the special protective clothing, the camera that can see through smoke, the breathing equipment and more.

Around the back of the engine, the children were fascinated by the large hoses, axes and other tools that help the firefighters do their job.

When we got back into the classroom, we were super impressed with all of the facts that Foundation could remember.

Ask your child if they can tell you about one piece of equipment they saw on the fire engine.

The children described the experience today as “Amazing” and “Awesome”.