15 March 2019

Friday 15 March 2019

Our homework this week is Creative: I can show my talents.

All of the children in our school are blessed with an array of talents. This week, our homework, which links to our living and learning statement (I can recognise my talents), gives our children the opportunity to celebrate and share their talents with their peers. Children should respond creatively and be ready to show off, and celebrate, their talents to their class as part of their weekly homework review.

They could do this in a range of ways:
create a short performance to show to the class
film themselves showing off their talent
make a collage of their many talents
make a presentation, movie clip or animation to show their talents
produce a piece of art to show off their talents
generally be ready to showcase their talents.

There are, of course, many other ways that children could respond. Children should be ready to show off their talents by Thursday 21 March 2019.