Living and Learning: I know the difference between being proud and showing off

Wednesday 27 March 2019

This week, the children thought about what they are proud of and why.  We talked about how it can be difficult to say what we are proud of sometimes and how it takes confidence.  Everyone has lots to be proud of!  During circle time, the class took turns to say what they were proud of and also what they think other children in the class are good at so giving each other a boost!  The class then wrote thought bubbles to share what they are proud of. Comments on these thought bubbles included: “I’m proud of my football skills because it makes me unique” and, “I am proud of my dancing because I practise a lot and even though I’m not the best and dancing, I am still proud of what I can do so far”.  Some really thoughtful and reflective comments from Year 3 and 4. Well done – you have lots to be proud of!