16 May 2019

Thursday 16 May 2019

This week, the whole school has the same Creative homework: I can show what I know about a particular job.

This homework is in preparation for our themed week which is next week. Throughout the week, we’ll focus on money. One aspect of this is how money is earned. Obviously, our children are a little young to be earning money but it is really important that they have aspirations.

For their homework this week, children should decide on a job (maybe one they want to do or one that a family member has) and find out some useful information about the profession: what a ‘normal’ day looks like, how much you can earn, what qualifications/experience you need, etc.

Children could respond to this creative homework in a range of ways:
· Create a poster
· Make a ‘project board’
· Re-create a ‘day in the life of…’ and document this in pictures
· Make a presentation
· Compare a few different jobs
· Devise a short play to show their peers what the job involves
· Research the salary and decide how they might spend their money
· Write a job application

Of course, there are many other ways in which children could respond. Children should be ready to celebrate their learning as part of their homework review by Thursday 23 May 2019.