Crime scenes, carrots and construction!

Saturday 14 September 2019

We soon had our police investigators on the case at our ‘Classroom crime scene’ yesterday. “A burglar has been in here and trashed the classroom” announced F.L before writing his crime scene report (amazing segmenting and writing!) He was soon joined by officers E.P and C.R with their magnifying glasses, who shouted “I can see footprints” as they trailed around the classroom.


Miss Feldman has been preparing the planting area with the children this week, for some new planting to begin. We found lots of teeny carrots in the soil, planted last year. The children were so excited to find them- it was like hunting for buried treasure! We heard lots of great size vocabulary; “I found a big one said W.J whilst G.D told us “I found a tiny carrot”


After discovering the veggies, we soon found creatures who enjoyed living amongst them- a number of bright green caterpillars had made their home in the planter. F.L and C.H took such a liking to one of them that they made it a home in a stepping stone; “It needs leaves and grass, so it doesn’t die” they decided.

We really enjoyed being out in our lovely outdoor space in the sunshine this week.

We were so proud of how sensible and smart the F2 children were in their first achievement assembly yesterday.

Well done to Lily, Freddie, Christian and Mia on their special certificates.

Home-Link Challenge

We’ve only received a couple of family pictures for our Home Corner wall so far. We will therefore role the home-link challenge into next week. Please discuss with your child who lives in your home and either bring in or email a family photo to us, at:

Parent Partnership

Please join us Wednesday 18 September 6.00-7.00pm, for our Parent Partnership meeting. It will involve a short presentation on ways to share your child’s learning experiences from home.  After, there will be time to ask questions and speak to the class teachers should you wish.

We hope to see many of you there.