National Poetry Day 2019

Sunday 06 October 2019

To celebrate National Poetry Day 2019, this week Foundation 2 children have been discussing what a poem is;

A collection of words chosen carefully by the poet,  to help us use our imagination and make us feel a certain way. The words are also chosen for the way that they sound and the rhythm that they create when read aloud.

We chose to read a rhyming poem called Autumn Days by Brenda Williams.

The children predicted some missing words from the poem by selecting a word that could rhyme- they did a fantastic job at guessing the correct words. Well done especially to Teddy, Leo, Chloe and Lily who were superstars at identifying rhyming words today!

Afterwards, we used our special Talk 4 Writing skills to come up with some actions to help us retell parts of the poem. Take a look at our great first attempt*:

*All videos set to UNLISTED on the video sharing website. They do not appear in searches.