29 November 2019

Friday 29 November 2019

This week, our homework focus is Practice Makes Perfect.

We have been practising reading aloud fluently and with lots of expression. The passage is below is one we have read this. Your task is to practise reading it aloud at home until you can read it with lots of expression. Imagine you had to perform it to another group of children and you needed to keep them interested. How would you read it? How could you change your voice? We will be performing these as part of homework review.


Most people don’t believe in them. Especially grown-ups. Most people have never even seen them. Most people wouldn’t even believe their own eyes if they had!

Whether you’re a believer or not, I’m going to tell you about them anyway… In many ways, they are exactly like us; they eat the same foods as us, speak the same languages as us and even enjoy the same things we enjoy. In fact, if you were to look at one under a magnifying glass, you would think they were identical to us. The only difference is that they are a hundred times smaller than us.

Their story begins on a dark and windy night. The full moon sat in the sky: a torch to guide them. Thunder rumbled above them like a laughing giant, and the waves lapped up against them like a cat’s tongue hungrily exploring a plate of sardines. They were forced to leave their homes forever, in search of a new beginning.

The boot had been their saviour. However, crossing the pond was proving trickier than they had imagined…