Home-link Challenge w/c: 9 December 2019

Saturday 07 December 2019

F2 Children

Please practise letter formation/ handwriting.

Using the sheets we have previously sent home with phrases to say and follow for formation will help.

Some particularly tricky graphemes to write are: e, f, g, k (with a loop), q, w, y.

Common reversals (facing the graphemes the wrong way) to practise are: a, b/d/p, j

Please encourage your child to use a pencil as this requires additional physical skills such as the correct pressure to apply and pencil grip.

F1 Children 

Strengthening your child’s writing and fine motor skills can be through picture drawing or drawing a pattern for your child to follow. Like the examples below:

Please encourage your child to engage with one of these activities at home. Marks can be made using pencils, felt tips, chalk, paint- anything that leaves a mark!