04 May 2020: Home learning

Tuesday 03 March 2020

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another week of home learning. You are all doing amazingly! Did any of you do Mr Mills’ Friday challenge?

Maths: Last Friday’s challenge answers.  This week’s learning. Year 4 main learning video and challenge video. Year 4 worksheet.     Year 3 learning video and Year 3 worksheet.

Reading: Today we are going to have another look at the text from Friday. Your challenge is to answer the questions set by your class mates last week. (These questions were written by Leah.)

Topic: Today we are learning more about counties in the United Kingdom. Use compass directions to find the counties.

Spellings: This week we are revising the long e vowel sound. There is a wordsearch for you to do and a  wordsearch template so that you can create your own. Here is also a reminder page of spelling strategies that you could use.

May the 4th be with you. (This is a Star Wars joke – May the force be with you!)