World Book Day 2020

Thursday 05 March 2020

We just LOVE reading in Foundation! We read and explore stories every day and all year around but it is great to have a special day each year to celebrate the joy of books.

For World Book Day 2020, we dressed as our favourite characters and brought in some of our favourite stories to tell our friends about on the special story-tellers chair!

We were also lucky to have some of our parents join us for a stay and read session this morning- thank you to those who could make it.

Some of us have created book marks, drawn pictures of our story characters and played our ‘guess the story’ game too.

Check out our wonderful World Book Day photos:

Here are some quotes from our children about their favourite stories:

Connor (F1) on his non-fiction Rumble with the Dinosaurs book- This is my favourite book about dinosaurs; T-Rex, anchisaurus, spinosaurus. Look! If you press the button it goes ROAR!”

Willow (F2) on The Gruffalo “I’m a Gruffalo. The mouse took a stroll in the deep, dark, wood!”

Elijah (F1) on his Henry; Thomas the Tank Engine book“It’s a Henry book… see you can buy tickets to the museum to see Henry and Thomas and all the engines. There’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 engines”

Chloe (F2) on Snow White and the buried treasure- “In the story they find some treasure and a necklace- The norths, the seven… THE DWARVES! My favourite part was the prince going away… and this part makes me laugh cause the little dwarf goes under the rug!