Reflection time, Hand to mouth and home-link…

Monday 09 March 2020

Last week, Foundation had a visit from Hand to mouth who spent a circle time with us. We had a feely bag activity, explaining The Holy Trinity. Children picked out objects representing God the King of the Earth, God who sent his son to us and God the Spirit.

The children all listened very carefully but a special mention goes to the star of the session, Chloe, who explained what she knows about our Earth and the ways we speak to God during our collective worships at St James’. She told our visitor:

“God is with us, his spirit is with us”

Later in the week, during our reflection time, we focused on our Christian value of forgiveness. We discussed how it is important to show forgiveness to others and took part in an activity where we drew a picture on a whiteboard about a time where we might have made someone feel a bit sad. We spoke about feeling sorry for these times and we rubbed our boards clean to represent God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of others.

If you would like to see pictures and activities from our reflection times, these can be found in our presentation book, in our classroom reflection area.

Home-link Challenge- w/c 09.03.20

It is Spring time! What signs can you see out and about linked to Spring? Perhaps you can see new flowers beginning to bud, leaves or blossom beginning to grow back on the trees, lighter mornings and evenings or baby animals being born?

We would like you to take photos, draw pictures or write sentences about the first signs or Spring. As always, you can email activities and photographs to the class email address: