School’s closed: keep your child at home if it’s at all possible (22 March 2020)

Sunday 22 March 2020

The government has stressed the importance of keeping your child at home wherever possible.

It has asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

The situation nationally is serious. Social distancing and protecting NHS and other key workers have placed teachers and schools in the front line. Few people will come into contact with others in the same way teachers and support staff will. If we close our doors, our health service and other critical services will quickly become over-stretched.

We need to take emergency steps to reduce the spread of the virus. We need as many people as possible to avoid sending their children into school. This will protect children and staff.

To NHS staff, emergency service staff, and key workers, we’re proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and will welcome your children into our schools, providing education, entertainment and support.

These are examples of key workers:

Even these key workers may be able to look after their children if their shift patterns allow or their partners work from home or is not a key worker.

To other parents, please support us by keeping your child at home. Examples of non-key workers:

Legal professionals (eg solicitors) = not key workers

Retail, not related to food = not key workers

Takeaway staff = not key workers

Builders, construction workers = not key workers, unless directly working in critical areas above (eg hospital maintenance)

We’ll be asking for shift rota evidence and ID. We’ll also be asking about partners or others in the home.

Please understand, this is emergency support.

If we want to reduce the spread of Covid-19, we need your help.

Teachers and other staff are worried. They don’t have protective masks etc, so if you, your child, or others in your house are ill – stay at home. Isolate and follow medical advice. Do not under any circumstances send your child to school.

In the event of severe staff shortages, we’ll need to close. If this happens, the government has agreed to work with the local authority, regional school commissioners and neighbouring providers to find an alternative setting for pupils. Please check the website regularly for updates.