26 March 2020 : Home learning

Thursday 26 March 2020

Thursday already!

Remember to read for 20 minutes today and work on spellings/times tables.


Warm up by counting in 5s – singing along to the song https://youtu.be/cJ4jV14Oz5I


Go on a phoneme (sound) hunt around your house looking for green sounds in words.

Write a list of the words you find.

eg toy, tray, slide, plate

Challenge : put the words you find into sentences.

Topic : Living and learning

We have been talking about body image in our Living and Learning lessons. We have talked about knowing how our body feels when we are relaxed and calm. We can use different techniques to calm ourselves. There are some ideas in the table below. Try some out and teach one to someone else in your house.

Listen to relaxing music. Close your eyes if that is comfortable. Sit down and rest your head on your hands on a table.
Breathing hug

Start with both arms in the air.  Put one hand across your tummy and the other on your shoulder. Breathe slowly in and out.  Focus on the breathing.

Breathing tree

In a standing position, raise your arms as you breathe in and release your arms back down as you breathe out.


Ok breathing

Make an ‘ok’ sign on your tummy and slowly breathe in and out.  This sign is to represent that it is ok to feel different emotions.  No emotions are bad.  Emotions change and you won’t feel like that forever.

Belly breathing

Sit or lay down, place your hands on your belly and close your eyes.  As you take a big breath in, blow up your belly like a balloon (place a favourite toy there to feel it moving).  Hold the breath briefly and then slowly exhale deflating the balloon in your belly.

Nose breathing

Place one finger on one nostril, breathe in, then place the other finger on the other nostril and close for a beat.  Release and open the opposite nostril to breathe out.

Emotion bottle

Make your own emotion bottle.  This is a bit like a snow globe.  Shake it up and watch it.  The bottle is our mind.  The glitter is our emotions.  Let the bottle clear.

To make your own, take a bottle, add glitter (different colours could represent different emotions), optional food colouring and seal it closed.

Focus on an object

Focus on an object for 90 seconds.  If you lose focus, make an effort to bring the focus back to the object.

Starfish meditation

This is a great way to refocus the mind.  Spread your fingers on one hand like a star fish.  Slowly trace your finger, from the other hand, around your fingers and hand.  Continue until you feel calm.

In addition to these techniques, you could also try:

· Listening to guided meditations for children (https://annakaharris.com/mindfulness-for-children/)

· Listening to mindfulness music

· Mindful colouring and doodling

· Yoga poses especially balances

· Cosmic Kids yoga and mindfulness (https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga)


· https://www.gonoodle.com/  (mindfulness and active brain breaks)