27 March 2020: Home learning

Friday 27 March 2020

Hello again everyone

It has been great receiving pictures and updates from people about their learning. Please get in touch if you have any questions about anything – it’d be nice to do some teaching!

As today is Friday, the end of the school week, we’d like it if you contacted your class teacher today, ideally by 3.30pm. We don’t really mind what you say. It could be as simple as ‘hello’ or you could let us know how your week has been. We just want to hear from everyone and welcome any feedback about the home learning tasks. Remember, my email address is…


At the end of this post in another super important bonus task. Check it out and have a go.

Here’s today’s learning…

Year 5 Maths Task

Answers from yesterday:

Missing number calculation

44937 + 23592 = 78529

 4,648 – 2,347 = 2,301

45,536 – 8,426 = 37,110

29,456 – 8,896 = 20,560

37,506 – 22,819 = 14687

 83065 – 45927= 37,1338

Starter: think of 6 numbers. Each number needs to have either 5 or 6 digits. Divide each number by 10, 100 and 1000. Then put them in descending order.

Your learning today is subtraction using column subtraction.

  1. I’m thinking of a number.

After I add 5,241 and subtract 352, my number is 9,485.

What was my original number?

  1. When calculating 17,468 – 8,947, which answer gives the corresponding addition question?

8,947 + 8,631 = 17,468

8,947 + 8, 521 = 17,468

8,251 + 8,947 = 17,468

Explain how you know.

  1. Create some of your own addition calculations with corresponding subtraction sums.

Challenge: complete this pyramid using your addition and subtraction skills. Then, for an extra challenge, create your own pyramid with some missing numbers – perhaps someone in your house could try to complete it.

Year 6 maths task

Answers from yesterday:

  1. A) -85, -53, -35, 16, 32
  2. B) -297, -100, -5, 321, 685
  3. C) -52, -9, 67, 116, 701.

There will be 41 floors, as you need a ground floor (0).

Starter: improve your multiplication skills on Times Tables Rockstars for at least 15 minutes.

Your learning today is adding and subtracting whole numbers.


  1. A) 34621 + 25734 B) 4761325 – 938052
  2. C) A four bedroom house costs £450,000. A three bedroom house costs £201,000 less.

How much does the three bedroom house cost? What method did you use?

  1. D) Find the missing digits. 52247? + 3?5904 = 90?3?2

Challenge: explain how to find the missing digits for a subtraction and addition problem of your own.

Writing task (Y5,6)

Your learning today is to write and punctuate speech correctly. Your task is to write a dilemma for your character. This should be no longer than half a page. Following from your setting description yesterday, your character needs to run into some sort of problem. This problem must include dialogue between two characters.

Remember to:

Here is an example of a dilemma with dialogue.

The ship entered a dark and gloomy cave – the sea was calm and quiet. Suddenly, a huge figure rose out from beneath the black water. “Prepare yourselves!” shouted Bjorn as he unsheathed his sword.

“I am Odin,” bellowed the shadowy figure, “God of wisdom, god of magic, god of death.”

“Remove us from this cave and let us pass,” said Ragnar. He knew that Odin was a powerful god, and would not take kindly to threats, so he threw his sword onto the deck.

Odin grinned, “To leave this cave, the price of death must be paid. Sacrifice one of your men to me, and I will guide you to the fame and fortune you desperately crave.”

“Do it,” hissed Floki, “Give him your son, Bjorn. You have many sons and you will have many more!”

“You think the death of my son is worth the gold and glory?” questioned Ragnar as he held his arm out to Floki.

“Yes,” spat Floki, clutching Ragnar’s arm. “Give him to Odin.”

Ragnar turned to look at Bjorn, then back at Floki. His eyes were full of rage. He grabbed Floki by his chest, and threw him overboard. “There is your sacrifice,” he growled.

 Challenge: can you change some of the said clauses for better synonyms?

Tip: Instead of saying ‘said Ragnar’, you may choose to use ‘bellowed Ragnar’. This tells the reader that the character said it loudly.

Reading task (Y5,6)

Your learning today is retrieval.

Read the extracts from the text.

Then, answer these questions…

‘The blade had a _________ groove running from hilt to tip’

Challenge: create your own retrieval questions for someone in your house to solve.

Bonus task: At some point today, take 5 minutes out and write down a little ‘three things’ list. 

Three things I’m grateful for:

Three things I love doing:

Three things I like about myself:

Three things I’m proud of:

Three things I’e enjoyed this week:

You could even add some of your own sentences. Do it – you’ll feel good! I’ve just done mine and it really did make me feel emotionally happier and healthier.

Enjoy your tasks – I’m going to go and do my daily exercise!