30 March 2020: Home learning

Monday 30 March 2020

Words to read:

Words to Write: hurt, land, trust, chair

Phonics Activity: Twinkl- Draw a line to match the polysyllabic word with the picture (see page 15 in your pack)

Was your child able to blend the four daily words today?
Remember, your child could use their ‘phoneme fingers’ to help them when reading words.

Literacy Activity – Get Cooking!
Help to prepare some food. You could bake a cake or help prepare dinner!
Afterwards, write a set of instructions which explains how you made the food. Don’t forget to write your instructions in a numbered list!
If you need any ideas take a look at BBC Good Food.

Did your child help you cook or bake today?
Did they write any instructions?
Please email us any photos and comments – it would be great to see them cooking/baking!

Maths Activity
Twinkl- Subitising:
If you have access to the internet, watch the Jack Hartmann, Subitize Rock video on youtube. Guess quickly the quantity you can see! Did you get it right? If you are not online, ask an adult to draw dots on a piece of paper and say how many you can see!

 Please send us any photos or learning!

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.