2 April 2020: Home Learning

Thursday 02 April 2020

Words to Read- Polysyllabic words:

Words to Write:

plum, swim, spoon, float

Phonics Activity: Phoneme spotter story- draw a circle around every use of the phoneme ‘ure’ (see page 21 of your home learning pack) How many times did you spot it?


Did your child enjoy reading the phoneme or tricky word spotter story today? If so, there are plenty more on Twinkl. Just search ‘Story spotters Phase 3’.

Twinkl are offering parents and carers free access to thousands of resources, so you can select your own activities based on your child’s interests too.

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Literacy Activity

Story Treasure Hunt

Ask your grown-up to write 4-6 clues about a story you know well and hide the words around the house. For example, if they were leaving clues about Jack and the Beanstalk they might write ‘beanstalk’, ‘giant’, ‘cow’ and ‘Magic Beans’. Try and read the clues by yourself. Can you make a story map re-telling the story from the clues you have discovered?


Was your child able to draw a story map? Please email photos or comments to:


Here is an example of what your child’s story map may look like.

Maths Activity

Missing Numbers

Fill in the missing numbers to 20 below:


Did your child find the missing numbers?

In Foundation 2, we focus on numbers to twenty throughout the year to get a depth of understanding of what the numbers really mean.

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.