3 April 2020: Home Learning

Friday 03 April 2020
Music Time!

Learn a new song about Spring.

Add your own actions to the song.

Music time!

Did your child make their own actions to the new spring song? Can your child see any signs of spring in their garden?

Literacy Activity

Use the laminated letter formation sheet handed out at parent’s evening and your whiteboard pen to practise writing each letter of the alphabet.

Letter formation

Letters that are often difficult are s,b,d,e and a. Encourage your child to practise these!

Maths Activity Doubling

Use the butterflies to double each number. Remember when we double we add the same amount to the other side!



Doubling! When teaching your children to double we talk about adding the same amount again. Here is a fun doubles song your child may enjoy singing.

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.

Enjoy family time this weekend! Don’t forget to send pictures of any activities you have enjoyed together.