Easter Holiday Ideas….

Monday 06 April 2020

Happy Easter! We know that it’s the Easter break, but in these unprecedented times we thought that we’d continue to post some ideas of activities that you can do at home, if you choose to do so. Some of these are Easter related and others are ideas that you can continue after the Easter break.

This will be the only post for the two week Easter holidays. During this time, you can still email your child’s class teacher, although they may not respond as quickly as they have been doing.

The most important message this Easter is to have fun as a family. Read together, play outside, bake, garden, watch a movie, sing and dance. Make the most of this time together.

Easter Holiday ideas

Here are some links to a cbeebies programme called “Let’s celebrate” it show children celebrating Easter along with a child friendly reference to the Eater Story.

https://youtu.be/-qVW9IjhIlU – preparing for Easter

https://youtu.be/StlJgYF-Ki8 – celebrating Easter.

https://youtu.be/jzzr9ogygwA – The Easter Story

Watch the Cbeebies Easter programmes -Talk about what you watch with your child. Have you done any of the things that Toby has done to prepare for Easter? Have you seen any baby animals, see if your child can remember the names of the young animals from two weeks ago? Have you seen any spring flowers in the garden? Talk about their names and colours. Can the children remember painting the daffodils for their Mother’s Day cards?

Here are some activities that you may like to try over the Easter holidays.

Make an Easter egg picture? Cut out some egg shapes from paper and ask your child to decorate it. The patterns we use in Nursery for mark making are zigzag patterns, wave patterns, horizontal lines, vertical lines and circles.

Easter egg hunt – Can you child help you to think of some clues for the Easter egg hunt? Can you write their instructions for the rest of the family?

Decorate an egg – Make a hard-boiled egg and allow it to cool down. Ask your child to decorate it using coloured pens. Use a slide or create a ramp with a large box propped against a chair. Whose egg rolls the furthest?

Counting eggs – Sing the song together. Count the eggs as they hatch. Count carefully counting to each egg as it pops.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/nursery-rhymes-hickety-pickety-my-red-hen/zvymd6f – Hickety Pickety my red hen.

Counting ducks – We enjoy singing this song at Nursery. Each time a duck is lost count how many are left. Use each finger to represent a duck.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p038jj3r – 5 little ducks

As always stay safe and have fun. Let’s hope that the sunshine returns!

To download the Easter Menu, please click here