Learning videos….

Friday 17 April 2020

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic Easter half term. Thank you to those parents who continued to send us lovely photos of activities over the past two weeks.

From Monday, we’ll continue to post daily learning activities for F2 and a weekly activity menu for F1 based on a popular story.

In addition to this, the class teachers will be creating some lesson-style videos and providing a link to these.  On Mondays at 10 am we’ll post a link to a phonics ‘lesson’, which will include two new tricky words to learn. On Wednesdays at 10 am we’ll post a maths ‘lesson’ which will be based on the next focus number. As we finished on the number 13 before the school closure, this will be the number we start with next Wednesday. We’ll also be posting some ‘story time’ videos on Fridays at 9am, keep an eye out for those too!

Good luck with the return to home learning. Stay Safe and don’t forget to email us with any questions or comments: