Week Commencing 20 April 2020: F1 Home Learning ‘Oh Dear!’

Monday 20 April 2020

Welcome back to home learning! We hope you had a lovely Easter together.

Over the next few weeks, we will be encouraging F1 to focus on a story for their home learning .

This week, we will be thinking about the story Oh dear by Rod Campbell. He also wrote the story Dear Zoo, maybe you would like to listen to that too! You might have this story at home but if not we have posted a link to it on Youtube.

Oh dear


Dear Zoo


Read or listen to the story with your child – talk about the story with your child. Discuss all of the animals that Buster visits on the farm.  Talk about the young of these animals and their names eg. sheep – lamb, a horse- foal. Listen to the story again encouraging your child to join in with the repeated phrase “No eggs here, Oh dear” How many eggs can they see in the nest at the end of the story? How many animals are in the story?

Can you draw a chick?- Perhaps draw the basic outline of 2 circles then ask your child to add a beak, eyes, legs, wings, feathers.

Small world play – If you have farm animals at a home, ask your child to set up their own farm. Use paper for fields and an old cereal box as a farm house.

Sing – Old MacDonald and Baa baa black sheep are favourites in Nursery. Why not learn Chick chick chicken from the link below.

Chick, chick chicken


Eggs – We were planning to look at eggs in various forms at Nursery. Maybe you could do this at home? Peeling a boiled egg is a finger strengthening activity that young children need in order to develop the muscles needed to write. Let them help to make an egg sandwich.

Let us know how you get on, by replying to the email address: stjameseyfs@spherefederation.org.

We would love to hear about what you have been doing. Also we are happy to answer any of your questions too.

Have fun!