21 April 2020: Home Learning

Tuesday 21 April 2020

I hope your first day back at ‘home school’ went OK.

Here are the answers to the maths fluency questions for Monday’s learning.

Year 5

Year 6


Maths learning: subtracting fractions

Remember, you need to make the fractions have the same denominator by finding a common multiple.

Year 5 fluency

Year 6 fluency

Y5/6 Challenge

Writing: verbs and modal verbs

The BBC Bitesize website has some daily lessons for you to follow in various subjects and topics. Today, I would like you to revise all your knowledge of verbs and modal verbs by following this online lesson.

Geography: rivers and mountain ranges

How did you get on with naming the rivers of the UK yesterday?

Test your river knowledge today with this online quiz.  How many can you get correct?

Can you use an atlas or an online map to locate the mountain ranges in the UK? Use this map to label each one.

Why don’t you make your own quiz and test your family on their river and mountain knowledge!