24 April 2020: F2 Home Learning

Thursday 23 April 2020

Day 5: Phonics/Literacy – writing focus

1. Practise your letter formation in your home learning book. You could be practise your letter formation using sand, shaving foam or flour.

2. Quickwrite! Practise writing the digraphs and trigraphs.
Parents: Please read the digraphs and trigraphs to your child. They can then write them their home learning book.

3. Time to Talk!
How to play:
1. Dance to Dance Monkey
2. When the music stops find a partner.
3. Talk to your partner about some news you’d like to share.
Remember: to be a good talking partner your eyes should be looking and your ears should be listening AND hearing.
4. Now it’s time to write! Practise saying your news in a sentence. Count the words in your sentence. Now write your news in a sentence. Don’t forget to check your writing! You can draw a picture too.
Challenge: Can you write your news using a narrative e.g. First, then, after that, finally.

Day 5: Maths – Shape, space and measure
Parents: Fill 3-5 cups with water – each cup filled different.

1. Order the cups from the fullest – emptiest.
Parents: encourage your child to use words to describe why they have ordered it the way they have. For example, least, most, full, empty, half, quarter.

Challenge: Can you record your learning?

Extra Learning – Teddy Diary
Don’t forget to keep adding to your teddy diary!
Have a good weekend Foundation!