Week Commencing 27 April 2020: F1 Home Learning ‘Simon Sock’

Sunday 26 April 2020

This week we will be thinking about the story Simon Sock by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet .

We were lucky enough to all get this free book via the Book Trust this year. If you got a copy share it with your child, if you didn’t here is a link to the story. Talk about the story. How many socks for different occasions do you have? Why is it alright to be friends with someone who doesn’t look like you?


Here are some activities that you can try that are linked to the story.

Sorting activity – get some socks and then sort them into pairs. What patterns can you see? Which socks are big and which are small? Can you sort your socks into pairs? Can you make a pattern with your socks black, white, black, white?

Mark making activity – draw a sock shape or cut one out for your child. Let them design their own pattern on it. Use lots of different colours to create a stripy pattern or a spotty pattern

Creative activity – use an old or odd sock to make a puppet. Draw eye shapes and stick them on with glue or sellotape. Add any other decorations that you have around your house.

Working on our muscles for writing – make a small washing line with wool, string or thread. Tie it between 2 chairs, at a height that your child can reach. Using some household pegs ask your child to peg their socks onto the line.

Math’s activities with socks – make a pile of socks. Can you ask your child to give you 4 socks from the pile? Choose any number below 5 see how they get on then extend to 10. Split a pile of socks (maximum of 10) into 2 piles. Ask your child to count how many socks there are altogether eg 3 in one pile and 4 in another. Change the amount each time.

Self – care – teach your child how to put their socks and shoes on independently. This is a skill that they will need when they arrive in Foundation 2 in September. Taking the time now will really help your child when dressing on their own after PE in September.

 Let us know how you get on by replying to the email address stjameseyfs@spherefederation.org

We would love to hear about what you have been doing. Also we are happy to answer any of your questions too.

Have fun!