28 April 2020: Home learning

Monday 27 April 2020

Good morning! How did you get on with the science activity? Hopefully there was enough sunshine for the activity! Here are today’s tasks.

Maths: Yesterday’s answers: Year 3 and Year 4. Today we have another video for you. Year 3 video learning and worksheet.  Year 4 video learning  and worksheet.

Reading: Yesterday’s answers. Today’s video learning   and text. Your task is to write a short diary entry as if you are an explorer travelling the taiga belt. You must mention experiencing the difficulties listed in the text and how you’d cope with them.

Topic: Sorry! I forgot to put Friday’s topic quiz answers up for you yesterday. Here they are at last! Today’s activity is naming rivers and seas in the UK. Can you name the 10 rivers and 4 seas? Use the quiz and the topic work that you did last week to work out the rivers from the clues given.