Home learning and other support (28 April 2020)

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Our message to you yesterday featured a couple of prompts about Living and Learning in Lockdown and about free school meals. Today, we’ve a couple of reading recommendations…

Finally, another message from a Y6 writer to you all – this one’s from Max…

Hello, parents and carers, I hope you are doing alright.

I wanted to write to you to share some ideas of things you can be doing at home with your child for home learning.

There are plenty of things to do while we’re in lockdown, so here are a few suggestions:

You could be getting creative such as making things out cardboard or any other recyclable materials you have around the house such as dens, masks, models, painting and plenty of over things.

If you are stuck on anything you can ask a parent or a sibling to help you.

Also, you can do daily exercise such as Joe Wicks live exercise workouts everyday or play a game of football outside with your siblings or just play on your own with your parents. You can also go out for walks with your family to break the day up.

Baking or cooking can be done with an adult at home to teach your child these skills. Other jobs around the house can also be done with your child or children. These can include helping with laundry, tidying the house, loading the dishwasher, helping to do the gardening and any other jobs around the house.

Finally, you can just help your parents [or carers] by just doing your work or doing jobs to help out or watching a movie or playing a game with each other.