1 May 2020: Home Learning

Thursday 30 April 2020


  1. Practise your letter formation- you can use the laminated sheet handed out at parent’s evening.
  2. Quickwrite! Write the following digraphs.

Parents: Please read the digraphs to your child. They can then write them their home learning book. For help with pronunciation please see the phase 3 video proviously posted by Mrs Allen-Kelly.

Time to talk!

How to play:

  1. Dance to the music:

2. When the music stops find a partner.

3. Talk to your partner about some news you’d like to share.

Remember: to be a good talking partner your eyes should be looking and your ears should be listening AND hearing.

4. Now it’s time to write! Practise saying your news in a sentence. Count the words in your sentence. Now write your news in a sentence. Don’t forget to check your writing! You can draw a picture too.

Challenge: Can you write your news using a narrative e.g. First, then, after that, finally.

Maths- Sharing

  1. Sing the number bonds song below.

(in the tune to twinkle, twinkle little star)


5 and 4 add up to 10

6 and 4 make 10 again

7 and 3 will also do

Look carefully, so will 8 and 2

9 and 1

0 and 10 completes the way of making 10.


  1. Solve 3 number problems from the card below.

Parents: if needed, your child could use objects at home to help when counting.

Challenge: Can you solve all of the number problems?